Fruit Hat Poyo Collection Hard Enamel Pin
Fruit Hat Poyo Collection Hard Enamel Pin
Fruit Hat Poyo Collection Hard Enamel Pin
Fruit Hat Poyo Collection Hard Enamel Pin
Fruit Hat Poyo Collection Hard Enamel Pin
Fruit Hat Poyo Collection Hard Enamel Pin
Fruit Hat Poyo Collection Hard Enamel Pin

Fruit Hat Poyo Collection Hard Enamel Pin

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★ Hard enamel pin
★ 1" ~ 1.1" / 25~28mm
★ Gold plating
★ 1 simple rubber back or locking clasp for extra security(Great for wearing your pins)
★ Illustrated backing card included

Please see FAQ section for details on grading, international shipping and backing options.

● What is the shipping time during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

US orders: 2-6 business days once shipped.
Canada orders: 1-2 weeks once shipped.
International orders: 1-5 weeks once shipped.

If you want a country specific estimate, please contact me. :)

● What is the difference between [A Grade] and [B Grade]?

Due to the nature of enamel pins, very few pins are perfect. A Grade products are close to perfect but may exhibit minor flaws. They are usually something you won't notice unless you look hard or at certain angles. Examples:
- Miniscule dust / dots on the the enamel
- Light scratches / scuffing on the metal or enamel
- Minor discolorations or unevenness in the metal
- Slight underfill, overfill or uneven areas
- Slight misaligned printing

B Grade products (also called seconds) are products with more noticeable flaws. These flaws are varying, but they do not affect the functionality of the pins. These minor flaws include by not limited to:
- Obvious dust / dirt specs / dots
- Scratches / scuffing on plating or enamel
- Obvious discoloration of metal or enamel
- Major underfill or overfill
- Badly misaligned or missing printing
- Small area of missing enamel

All sales are final with B Grade products. Flaws are not shown in photos.

● I have placed my order and it still hasn't been shipped yet

I usually ship out items within 5 business days if everything in your order is in stock. Have you double checked that the item(s) you have ordered are not preorder items?

Please contact me if you think the item is in stock and you have not received a shipment notice.

 What if I buy something that is in stock and preorder at the same time?

Your order will be shipped when all preorder items become in stock!

● How do you ship the items?

Pins & Acrylic charms:
All pins and charms are shipped in bubble or padded mailers for better protection with tracking.
Apparels such as totes are packed with an inner bag and shipped in a poly mailer with tracking.
Stickers & Postcards:
By default, stickers and postcards are shipped using plain envelopes without tracking. You can upgrade your order to a padded/bubble mailer with tracking during checkout for added cost. 

For all US orders, your order will be shipped via USPS by default. International buyers please see below.

● What about international shipping?

International orders will use the same standard as US orders. That means all orders except stickers/postcards will shipped with a tracked method. I understand that the shipping cost may look high especially for international customers. The current price is already up to 30% off of what the post office is charging. I am always looking for ways to keep shipping as low as possible for international customers because of how expensive it is.

For international orders, please note that your tracking information may stop once it has left the USA. It looks like this is a hard limit of USPS, there's nothing I can do about it. You can try using the tracking number with your country's postal service to see if further tracking information is available.

As an international buyer, you are fully responsible for customs fees that may be associated with receiving their package or any fees for reshipments.

● What's the difference between a Simple Rubber Back and a Locking Clasp?

A simple rubber back is just a rubber cap which the posts of the pin can be inserted into to create a secure placement. This back is usually secure enough for stationary use. However, with enough force, the pin can be pulled out of the back and drops to become potentially damaged or lost.

If you are planning to wear your pin on a backpack, or clothing, Locking Clasp would be a better option because once the posts are inserted, they become locked into the back until you decide to detach them. I personally recommend all 1.5"+ pins to be used with a locking clasp if you wear them in your daily life.

Locking clasp backs come in two colors: gold and silver. They will be included depending on the overall color theme of your pin.

● How to remove a Locking Clasp?

To remove a locking clasp from the post, simply insert your finger nail into the small opening below the tip of the clasp. Gently pull tip out to unlock the clasp, you can then pull the whole clasp out with ease.

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